A full service litigation law firm dedicated to providing its clients with superior legal service. The firm represents clients on Long Island as well as the five boroughs of New York.

A large concentration of our firms work involves personal injury litigation. Whether it is representing an injured plaintiff or defending an entity or individual, Mr. Hickey's twenty years of experience in handling all phases of personal injury litigation has made him one of the most respected attorney’s in his field. His experience working as both a plaintiff lawyer and also as an “insurance company lawyer” gives him a distinct advantage over his adversaries.

The firm also understands that litigation can be expensive. We always keep our clients cost in mind during litigation. We aim for the best, most cost effective resolution for our clients at all times.

Mr. Hickey also serves as counsel for other lawyers. He handles court appearances, depositions and most importantly trials. If other lawyers turn to Mr. Hickey to handle their cases, shouldn't you.

Mr. Hickey is also an experienced real estate attorney, concentrating in residential litigation and transactions.

Additionally Mr. Hickey works closely with attorneys in various other types of law. Please contact us with your specific questions and we can recommend the right lawyer for you.

For a free consultation or for any questions you may have, please contact us at (631) 923-1636